Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day 10: SEALA Class of '17

Understanding the power of SEALA

The power of SEALA, lies in the network, SEALA, CELA, MELA, SIBF
Sophia Hage of SEALA 3 and her husband join us to commemorate the closing of the SEALA 4 Academy

The new board member is elected from within the SEALA 4 participants.

Mishal Ali of Bangladesh is the newest board member of SEALA.

Graduation & Inductuion Ceremonies

And we start by thanking the most wonderful hotel staff!

Anand Sharma warmly acknowledges Adam Albion's relentless effort.

Adam Albion starts presenting the participants for the graduation in his charming, eloquent way.

Ahmed Azab is pleased to say the least, with his experience at SEALA/

Khurram charms the crowd with his word!
It's been a long ten days,, but worth it, for Divya Chugh!
Bani tries to express her feelings for SEALA!

Hasnan is pleased with himself - and the tie he wears matches the SEALA colors!

Elaine Leong's expression says it all!

Yuan, the youngest SEALA member - a gem of a person!

William Ong's clap replacement is the new SEALA expression!

Vaibhav is thrilled, to say the least!
Meet Sawhney and Adam do a jig!

old friends are closer still thanks to SEALA

Ginny, Steven, Mishal, Meet, Vishal and Waleed are a happy bunch!

Bill Starnes is like none other!
Bill's humility makes him all the more endearing!

There is only one King in SEALA!

The Academy wouldn't be what it is without it's facilitators par excellence!
The bond, the love, the caring - all shows!
Meade, Susmita and Paulette embrace!
Anand's success in heading SEALA is attributed to Anu's support and love.

The participants, facilitators, faculty and staff of SEALA 4!

Grand Finale Reception & Dinner

The local thai performances regale SEALA members with their unmatchable elegance!

Friends for life!

So the learning didn't end for Waleed as yet!
The best part of the grand finale dinner! The SEALA family takes over!

The local performances were spell binding!

Flo Harto SEALA 4, and Dimas Subagio (spouse of Sophia Hage SEALA 3) enjoy the evening!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Day 9: Light at the End of the Tunnel

Sentiments lit up the whole room, it was time to bring together all that we have learnt this past few days!

Karan Sangfai is eloquent and displays clarity of thought!
Snow from Myanmar presents with passion on her capstone project!

Linda Speldewinde has a purpose! And attainable goals!

Vaibhav Singh drives home his project details with conviction!

Saman Imtiaz and Ali Bandial bring their group together to present collaboratively, showing leadership traits!

Asif surprises the participants with his strong sense of conviction!
There is support from all the participants, facilitators and faculty for the noble cause!

Asif and Ehtesham are bonded together in their mission!

Wasey, Hamza and Armil are happy with their success as a team :)

Craig Bihari coaches on a most critical topic!
Conversational Tools for Accomplishment, holding his audience captive.

Discussions post presentation to further clarify the concepts and relate to real-life situations.

Ali helps Craig direct the session towards the goal.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day 8: The Peace and Prosperity Confederation

Negotiations continues the next day with an intimate circle reflecting previous day's learnings.
The latest game involves playing roles of nations, the media and "our conscience."
Transit nations discuss their stance on this negotiation.
Each team sends a representative to the negotiation summit to draft proposals on their position.
Different nations gather to discuss and influence decisions of the final proposal.

And more countries join the debate!
Bani and Ahmed deep into negotiating terms of the agreement.
When it's time for the summit, and the decisions still not final,
the meeting continues in the hallways!
Elaine, representative of "our conscience," saves the day
with a miraculous idea and a heartwarming smile.
She stuns the audience and the rest of the representatives
and we are all left with a beautiful outcome.
Guests from a Theatre Group based in Vienna incorporate
their techniques to enhance listening and thinking on our toes.
High Impact Project Management delivered by Craig Bihari.