Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 10: Grande Finale

The icons of SEALA, Anand Sharma and Bill Starnes.
Newly elected board members, Jill and Arj

Adam lights up the stage and Rajiv has his moment!

Gary Hong, a star amongst leaders!

The academy ends with recognition to all leaders, current and future!

Accolades to the efforts in putting together a successful SEALA 3!

Ginny, warm and encouraging as ever!

The newly inducted SEALA members!

Friends and now family for life!

Gala dinner and happy times:)

The lighter side of SEALA

A traditional Indonesian performance piques the audience's interest

We end this journey stronger, united and whole

Friday, January 22, 2016

Day 9: When SEALA Became Family

CELA's Zara Janibekyan facilitates in a heart-warming way at SEALA
Shamal shares his passion through his capstone presentation

Sarrah smiles to herself, imagining the possibilities

Shubhra Chaturvedi presents SEALA's potential new slogan

Hanuman presents his groups' solutions while Shandana listens raptly!

Ikhwan and Pradip have ideas of their own while listening

Mahad shares a picture of his own childhood to establish an emotional bond

Zara Basharat makes her point!

Illiya reflects on the big idea

Triyono simplifies the issues of their project, with clarity and simplicity!

Nurul, Bill and Pradip set up for their own capstone project presentation

Pradip has great intentions, great plans!

Arj speaks straight from the heart

Sophia's candle lights up our hearts as her words, our minds

United we stand to support her!

Soph's presentation of their project reaches everyones' hearts!

Even the facilitators stand basking in the emotions flowing through the room

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day 8: Conversations For Life

Beginning the day with Bill's take on accountability

Putting theory into action - see how it works!
Thoughts running through our heads, figure it out in leaps and bounds!

Rajiv and Mansor take this time to reflect on what their experience

Andrea makes it so simple to comprehend, and implement!

All eyes on Andrea, participants concentrate on her teachings

Nini and Illiya, partnered for this activity, discuss what they just learnt

Shandana adds her own insights to Pradip's understanding

MELA, CELA, SIBF and SEALA members in one place,
hearts and minds together!

Small group discussions - a way to soak more knowledge in an
intimate environment

Small group discussions, more insight, more enlightenment!

Jason Premo leading a small group discussion.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day 7: Perpetual Learning

Let's collaborate! Saving failing companies.

Nurul looks on with amusement :)

Shamal presents the obvious solution.

Mahmudur knows what he is talking about.

The beloved Ginny takes the leaders through a lesson oft taught by life.

And she doesn't let us forget that the teams' feelings are paramount.

Simple exercise led by Ginny to teach us the more complex lessons in life.

Easy isn't it? The solution lies in teamwork.

Bill breaks it down for us in simple terms.

Ashok discusses the learnings of the day with Pui and Soph.

A dinner out, local, Indonesian food for all, and deep conversations for the soul.

Tim presents Karuna with a gift... We are never too old for toys.

Rana and Gary take in the ambiance before heading back!