Tuesday, January 14, 2014

SEALA = mc (squared)


John King's morning session is devoted to understanding organizational culture. The web of relationships that make up an organization needs to be internally supportive and stable. Dyad relationships can see-saw (John illustrates with a pencil); triads with three anchor points are stable. The mathematically-minded engineers in the room are thrilled that John speaks their language.

John shifts to the universally understood language of human hierarchies, attitudes and jealousies to describe how people can range themselves into mutually antipathetic tribes within an organization.

Mike's life sucks. Who cares if Mike's life sucks? Certainly not Thushan. Thushan thinks that we're great.

Shamama doesn't care that Mike's life sucks, either. Shamama thinks she's great. And in all honestly, who can say that she's wrong?

Creating a strategy that makes a difference: Jim presents a model that focuses on matching an organization's internal capacities and its external environment.

John follows up in the afternoon with the Y-Strategy Model as a highly effective tool to develop and share one's personal strategy.

Ashutosh employs an extremely powerful, proven strategy for inspiring and delighting everybody who meets him: Being himself.

The P-Strategy Model (also known as being Prashanth) is an equally impressive instrument to light up the whole room, but so specialized that there is only one person who can apply it.

Nothing escapes the watchful eye of  SEALA Program Manager Amy Kam.

We are honored to welcome Dato' Azmi Mohd Ali, SEALA Board member for Malaysia, who is visiting to experience and support the program.

Small Group Discussions:

Andrea moderates a conversation on "The Leading Edge: Staying There." Sounds good to Rabian.

Gloria and Jim talk about "Building Your Brand: Your Image in the Marketplace."

It is perhaps significant that "Becoming an Entrepreneur: Starting and Growing a Business" attracts the largest audience of SEALA participants this evening.

Tanveer Patel (Co-Founder, President and CEO, Concert Care) drives the discussion. Alok looks on.

Facilitator Aisuluu Bedelbaeva ponders her future business empire.

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